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The Orchard

This is us!
Designs by Lady of the Lake
Apples and Flowers
Halloween Hayride
Fine Family Flower Farm
Apple Blossom
Arkansas Black
Basilwood Farm goat milk products
Colors of Fall
Apple Blossom Gals ;)
Apple Dumplings
Theresa on a tractor
Empire, fresh from the trees
Caramel Apples
Bobbin Lace bookmark
All good things!
Empire and Mutsu
Basilwood Farm Soap
Pickled Peppers by Walter. They are SO delicious.
We have locally made beeswax candles in all shapes and sizes. Great for gifts!
Farm fresh eggs for sale!
The farm at sunset
Mount Banner and Ritter
Sunset looking towards North Fork
Rows of apple trees
Wild flowers in Spring
Apple tree
Apple blossoms
Old water tanks
Rows of apple trees
The great oak
The great oak in winter
Snow on the farm
Trees in winter
Apple trees covered in snow
Looking towards Huntington & Shaver
Snow above 5,000 feet
The fog rolling in
The farm in Fall
Apple on cafè table
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