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Fresh Cut Flower Bouquets Now Available at The Orchard!

Updated: Jul 3

We have recently partnered with Fine Family Flower Farm from Tollhouse to have fresh cut flowers available for purchase at The Orchard! The flower farm is family-owned and operated where they are "mastering growing cut flowers, one petal at a time." Josh and Bonnie use several greenhouses and field growing techniques to grow their products.

There is a cold case just around the corner from the shop, inside the apple shed, where Fine Family flowers are located. Remember to take a look the next time you're here and please help us spread the word!

We're also looking to turn the area in front of the retail shop into a permanent Farmer's Market during apple season. This year we'll start in October and go every weekend until the Apple Festival on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Next year, we'll get it together earlier, and start on Labor Day. ;)

Our vision is to provide our local communities and traveling guests with superior homemade products including essentials like homegrown chicken and quail eggs, farm fresh cheeses, rare varietal fruits and veggies, and home-baked breads. We think coffee, flowers, pastries, pies, and tarts qualify as "essential," but we understand we may be in the minority.

If you're interested in becoming a vendor or are looking for sponsorship opportunities, please call Tami at (559) 890-1022, email, or stop by the retail shop Thursday through Sunday from 8AM-4:30PM.

*We are actively looking for local milk and meat vendors. If you know of any USDA approved farms selling at local Farmer's Markets, please send them our way!

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