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Introducing Madera's Queen Honey: Our Premier Honey Producer on the Apple Farm

Updated: Jul 3

There's an old saying that goes, "The hum of bees is the voice of the garden." Here on our 40-acre apple farm, we've always believed in the importance of nurturing our natural surroundings, and that's why we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to our newest addition: Madera's Queen Honey.

As we continue our journey of sustainability and stewardship of the land, we're thrilled to welcome Madera's Queen Honey as our premier honey producer for the upcoming season. Led by Luis Elizondo and family, Madera's Queen Honey is dedicated to the art of beekeeping and the production of high-quality, pure honey that captures the essence of our orchard's blooms.

What makes Madera's Queen Honey truly special is their commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices. With a deep respect for the delicate balance of nature, they prioritize the health and well-being of their bees, ensuring that they have access to the valley and mountain's most precious orchards, and a safe environment in which to thrive. This dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our own values here on the farm, making Madera's Queen Honey the ideal partner for our honey production needs.

But it's not just their commitment to sustainability that sets Madera's Queen Honey apart — it's also the exceptional quality of their honey. Harvested from the nectar of citrus blossoms, local wildflowers, sage, and [this year] our apple blossoms, their honey is a true reflection of the diverse ecosystem of the Central Valley. With its golden hue and rich, floral flavor, each jar of Madera's Queen Honey is a testament to the beauty and bounty of nature.

As we look to the season ahead, we're excited to collaborate with Madera's Queen Honey to bring you the finest honey the valley (and our orchard!) has to offer. Whether you're drizzling it over a freshly baked scone, sweetening your morning cup of tea, or simply enjoying it straight from the spoon, we know that you'll taste the care and craftsmanship that goes into every jar.

As we embark on this new partnership with Madera's Queen Honey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the magic of the bees and the sweet abundance of the harvest season. Together, we can savor the fruits of our labor and support the vital work of beekeepers everywhere. Here's to a season filled with sunshine, blossoms, and of course, plenty of delicious honey from Madera's Queen Honey.

Please follow Madera's Queen Honey on Facebook HERE or on Instagram HERE.

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