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Meet Sandy Risley: Our Resident Fiber Artist at The Orchard

Updated: Jun 28

We are delighted to introduce you to Sandy Risley, our talented resident fiber artist who graces The Orchard with her incredible craftsmanship every Saturday and Sunday. With a passion for hand spinning dating back to 1983 and a lifelong dedication to knitting, Sandy's creations are truly a labor of love, crafted entirely by her skilled hands.

Unique Creations

Everything offered by Sandy is a testament to her artisanal expertise, whether it's knitted items made from commercial yarn or handspun yarn, each piece is one-of-a-kind and meticulously crafted. Her use of natural fibers such as wool, silk, cotton, linen, alpaca, bamboo, llama, mohair, musk ox, and even dog hair, results in beautifully textured and luxurious creations that are as unique as they are exquisite.

A Multifaceted Artisan

Sandy's talents extend far beyond knitting and spinning. She also specializes in bobbin lace, dyeing, beading, felting, weaving, and even soap making. Her diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to her craft are evident in every piece she creates.

A Lifetime of Learning and Teaching

Throughout the years, Sandy has not only honed her own skills but has also generously shared her knowledge with others through teaching classes, primarily focused on spinning. Her wealth of experience includes raising sheep, angora rabbits, and llamas, as well as growing her own cotton, all of which she has used to spin yarn for knitting and weaving.

Discover Something to Treasure

We invite you to explore Sandy's exquisite creations at The Orchard and discover something truly special to cherish. Whether it's a cozy hand-knitted shawl, a delicate bobbin lace bookmark, or a luxurious angora cowl, each piece is infused with Sandy's passion, creativity, and expertise.

Join Us at The Orchard

Stop by The Orchard this weekend and meet Sandy in person as she demonstrates her craft and shares her story with visitors. We look forward to welcoming you and celebrating the artistry of Sandy Risley together.

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