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Reverent Coffee for the Win!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Our team recently met in Oakhurst for a coffee tasting from owner and coffee roaster of Reverent Coffee, Casey Lucas, and wow, we were impressed! Casey and wife Alyssa owned Cool Bean Café for a decade in downtown Oakhurst before focusing their efforts on coffee roasting for wholesale and retail clients.

We met Casey at their store front roasting facilities in Oakhurst (just behind Pete's Place). He was kind enough to show us their massive coffee roasting machines and explain a little about how the beans are roasted to capture different flavors like tobacco, chocolate, and apricot.

We tried three different coffees, starting with the lightest brew, which Casey explained was the most complex to roast. The first was Reverent's Fall Blend which was filtered with steeping hot water into a chemistry beaker. It was light and had delicious notes of chocolate, caramel and apple.

Next up was Yemen, a blend that Lucas declared "unkempt" and "wild." It had floral and citrus notes and reminded me of the fragrant wildflowers along Auberry Road in Spring. I'm a big fan of this coffee, for the reasons Lucas explains, "This is a coffee you might not "get" at first. You can't quite pin down where the flavor is coming from until you pair it with something like cheese or chocolate. Then, you either love it or you don't." I loved it, but we had one more to try.


The last coffee was Tunnel Vision. This was a medium roast crowd-pleaser with flavorful notes of almond, cocoa, and blackberry. Complex at first, with a smooth velvet finish, the team felt that this blend would best represent the orchard with its diversity, character, and energetic vibe. This will be our daily drip blend and we hope you love it as much as we do! We're also going to carry all three flavors at our retail shop because, you can have it all.

My favorite thing about being a part of a specialized farm operation is meeting others who share our passion for showcasing local talent and products. It's an honor to share in the experience of new businesses being created and serving more people in our shared communities.

Cheers to Casey and Alyssa, our new coffee roasters from Oakhurst!

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