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Capture the Magic: Photography Sessions at Our Apple Farm During Blossom Season

Updated: Jul 3

As the days grow longer and the air becomes infused with the sweet scent of blossoms, there's no better time to celebrate the beauty of nature than during blossom season at our apple farm. And this year, we're thrilled to announce that we're opening our doors to professional photographers who want to capture the magic of this fleeting moment in time.

From the first weeks in May until the end of June, our orchards will be awash in a riot of color as our apple trees burst into bloom, creating a breathtaking backdrop that's perfect for capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a couple celebrating a special occasion, our farm offers the ideal setting for your next photography session.

For just $50 per hour, professional photographers can book a session at our farm, allowing them exclusive access to our picturesque orchards and stunning landscapes. Whether you're looking to capture the delicate beauty of the blossoms at sunrise, the golden hour glow of sunset, or the soft light of midday, our farm offers endless possibilities for creating stunning images that will take your breath away.

But our photography sessions aren't just about capturing beautiful images - they're also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of farm life. From the gentle rustle of the leaves in the breeze to the cheerful chirping of birds overhead, our orchards are alive with the vibrant energy of spring, creating an atmosphere that's as invigorating as it is inspiring.

As you explore our farm with your camera in hand, you'll have the chance to discover hidden nooks and crannies, secret pathways, and unexpected vistas that offer the perfect backdrop for your photos. Whether you're snapping portraits among the blossoms, capturing candid moments of laughter and joy, or simply letting your creativity run wild, our farm offers endless opportunities for creating unforgettable images that tell your unique story.

And when your photography session comes to an end, we invite you to linger a little longer and savor the simple pleasures of farm life. From enjoying a leisurely stroll through our orchards to sampling the finest baked goods in the mountains at our farm store, there's no shortage of ways to make the most of your time at our farm.

So if you're ready to capture the magic of blossom season in all its glory, we invite you to book a photography session at our apple farm today. With its stunning natural beauty, idyllic setting, and endless opportunities for creativity, our farm is the perfect place to bring your vision to life and create memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to welcome you and see the world through your lens!

  • We expect the 2024 apple blossoms to be amazing! We absorbed a lot of water this year and the trees are ready to burst. We anticipate the blooms to arrive around the second week in May (just after the reopening of our farm store) and last until the end of June. Please subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram for our latest updates.

  • Booking is done by the hour, or as a package of mini sessions.

  • Field photography sessions are for professional photo sessions only. These are not u-pick experiences. If you are looking to pick apples, take photos on your phone, or just stroll through the orchard, then please join us at one of our U-Pick Days.

  • Please note that there will be bees. They are not aggressive and are usually only interested in feeding on the flowers, but If you have a bee allergy, please bring medication.

  • We're excited to see the farm through your eyes! Please tag us @meadowlakesorchard in any social media posts taken at our farm.

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