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Happy Hour on July 14th!

Updated: Jul 3

If you haven't made it to The Orchard yet, July 14th is your day! We will be hosting happy hour from 5Pm - 8PM at the retail shop, next to the main house with a Tap Truck and appetizers by Julie Falk (Creekside Catering/Sugar Shack).

We have misters on the patio if it gets hot, but please wear light, breathable clothing in the event of warm weather. There will also be a few inside tables with a covered roof and a few hay bales with blankets beneath trees for people to sit.

We're excited to invite more people to The Orchard as we continue on our journey toward world domination. I'm only half kidding. This is a great opportunity to get to know the artists that make our retail store possible, and it will be a delightful evening to hang with your neighbors in a beautiful apple orchard!

We're very fortunate to have Kim Hogue as a friend of The Orchard. Kim and her real estate company have recently filmed an episode of "Love Shaverlake" here at our farm, which featured our retail store! I'll keep you updated as more details become available, re: air dates/times. Ms. Hogue has also generously donated the Tap Truck for happy hour on July 14th, so please give her a high-five and be sure to tell her "thank you," if you see her wandering around!

Julie Falk of Creekside Catering and Sugar Shack will be making appetizers and desserts for the evening and will be hosted by The Orchard. Pies and gift items will be available for sale in the retail store throughout the evening. Please bring cash, check, or have Venmo set-up - just in case (internet is spotty in the mountains and occasionally we lose service) our credit card capabilities are limited, or non-existent. Thank you for understanding.

Feel free to bring your own wine, but please know that our refrigerator space is limited. We will have signs for parking (down at the hay barn), so please follow them, and try not to hit our parking attendant. It's best to wear boots or closed-toed shoes here at the farm, as it can be dusty, and things that like to bite you, usually live at "feet level."

We look forward to seeing you all soon!



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