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Retail Store Reopening May 19th!

Updated: Jul 3

We're happy to announce that the retail store will reopen on Friday, May 19th from 8AM to 4:30PM! We will be open throughout the weekend (and every weekend until the first snow of Winter) and will have coffee, pastries, and handmade locally sourced products made by members from this community for purchase. We have organic skin care, pickled vegetables, jams & jellies, honey (straight from the Orchard!), candles, jewelry, and much more!

Retail store reopening

Half of the Orchard is in bloom and it is truly spectacular (the other half will bloom in the coming weeks). Until the roadside apple stand is rebuilt, we will welcome the public at the apple shed, back by the main house where you can enjoy the sites and sounds (bees were delivered two nights ago!) of a beautiful working apple orchard, while sipping on great coffee and marveling at the eastern Sierra Nevada.

We look forward to seeing your smiling, happy faces on May 19th! Please tell your family and friends that The Orchard at Meadow Lakes is almost open for business. :)

* We are now taking bookings for special events (weddings, corporate retreats, non-profit fundraisers, etc.) through the end of November. Please call Tami Jones at (559) 890-1022 for pricing.

* If you'd like to book a private or school tour, please call our Farm Manager, Robin Calderwood at (559) 618-1983.

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