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Select Pick of McIntosh Apples this Weekend!

Updated: Jul 3

Harvest season is finally upon us, friends! Today (September 7th) we started picking McIntosh apples, and WOW, are they great! Stop by the farm this weekend to buy the best apples in Fresno County. We sell our rare varietals for $4.00 per pound. All of them, doesn't matter the type.

If you're stopping by this weekend (Sept. 8th-1oth) and you'd like to pick apples yourselves, please see Tami in the gift shop. We're currently looking into You-Pick, but we're not "set-up" for it this year. However, if you come talk to us in the shop, we can certainly work something out, so don't be shy!

We have the usual coffee, pastries, pies, blossoms, bread, and croissants that are filled with delightful things such as chocolate espresso cream, almond custard, bumbleberry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry mix), and apple pie filling. Sierra Sourdough dropped off six types of bread, including regular, olive parmesan, jalapeño cheddar, garlic rosemary, and Dutch apple pie sourdough. And of course, we have our usual apple and bumbleberry pies available for purchase.

We're also expecting Fabric Artist, Sandy Risley, here on Saturday and Sunday working on edge lace and knitting her adorable fingerless gloves to add to the "Christmas gift" pile, so please stop by and see what she's up to!

She's up to a lot of stuff.

HEY YOU! There are three classes coming up:

November 11th: Holiday Painting Class

Call (559) 890-1022, email, or stop by the shop to sign up!

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