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Customer Guidelines for a Delightful Apple Farm Experience

Updated: Jul 3

Welcome to our apple farm! To ensure a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit for all our customers, we've crafted these guidelines. Please read through and follow these suggestions to make the most of your time in our orchard.

  1. Check-in and information:

a. Stop by the retail store for any farm maps, information, and guidelines.

b. Be aware of any special events on the farm during your visit.

2. Orchard Etiquette:

a. Stay on designated paths and respect roped-off areas to protect growing crops.

b. Refrain from climbing trees or shaking branches; this helps maintain the health of our apple trees.

c. Dispose of litter in designated bins to keep the orchard clean and beautiful.

3. Picking Apples:

a. Use provided containers and only pick the number of apples you intend to purchase.

b. Be gentle when picking to avoid damaging the tree or other apples.

c. Follow staff guidance regarding specific varieties and ripeness.

4. Respect for Nature:

a. Do not disturb wildlife or farm animals on the premises.

b. Refrain from picking unripe or fallen apples; let them mature on the tree.

c. Be mindful of plants and flowers; avoid stepping on them to preserve the natural beauty of the orchard.

5. Children and Pets:

a. Supervise children at all times, ensuring their safety and the safety of others.

b. If bringing pets, ensure they are on a leash and follow any pet-friendly guidelines posted at the farm.

6. Photography and Selfies:

a. Capture your experience with photos but be mindful of other visitors.

b. Respect privacy and seek permission before taking photos of other guests.

c. Share your farm photos on social media and tag us - we love seeing your experiences!

7. Weather Conditions:

a. Be prepared for varying weather conditions; wear suitable clothing and footwear.

b. Check the farm's website for any weather-related updates or closures.

8. Purchases and Checkout:

a. Bring your picked apples to the checkout area for accurate weighing and payment.

b. Explore our farm store for additional products and souvenirs.

9. Hydration and Snacks:

a. Bring water to stay hydrated during your visit. There is water available for purchase in the farm store.

b. Enjoy snacks in designated areas, and remember to dispose of any wrappers responsibly.

10. Feedback and Suggestions:

a. Share your feedback with us; we value your input to enhance the customer experience.

b. If you encounter any issues or have special requirements, please inform our staff.

Thank you for choosing our apple farm for your visit. By following these guidelines, you contribute to the preservation of our orchard's beauty and the safety of all visitors. We hope you have a fantastic time exploring, picking apples, and creating wonderful memories in our orchard. Enjoy your stay!

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